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You Should Get Several Roof Estimates For These Reasons

Most contractors websites, like ours, will encourage you to call them for a roofing estimate. This is the most logical first step because each roofing job is at least a little bit different. That means each roof will have different labor and material costs.  However many roofing contractors work differently. Some swear by specific materials and others do not.  And as we’ve talked about in other articles on this site, many contractors may not have the experience necessary to give an accurate estimate. This might be because they don’t know how to charge for the labor involved and what materials

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The 3 Best Ways To Save Money On Your New Roof

Purchasing a new roof is not something you suddenly decide to do. Your roof is of course one of the most important parts of your home and it’s wise to learn more about the process.  And more than likely, this could be a new experience for you. Even experienced homeowners aren’t knowledgeable about the costs of roofing materials or the labor involved!  So we thought we’d tell you a little about the process of replacing your new roof and the costs that will be involved…… Roofing Jobs Are Calculated By The Cost Per Square Foot Of Roofing The average price

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What Most Water Mitigation Companies In GA Won’t Tell You

If you’ve got water damage, you’ll need to fix it quick and many water mitigation companies know that too. They’re betting that you’ll avoid learning about your situation and making the best deal because the clock is ticking.  So we encourage you to learn about the various types of water damage, and the best ways to handle them in this short article. You’ll learn how water damage can become very complicated to fix, as well as the process to inspect and prepare for the cleanup.  This info can literally mean the difference between a few thousand dollars of work so

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How To Hire The Right Roofing Contractor In Georgia

How To Hire The Right Georgia Roofing Company Every roofer will have a different approach to performing a job on your home, and not all of them are equal in terms of quality. Here at Advanced Construction Professionals, we take pride in using high quality materials, taking the time to make proper installs, and answering any and all questions you may have about the process of repairing or replacing your roof. However, many of our customers had no idea how or why to choose one georgia roofing company over another. So we decided to write out several of the factors

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8 Signs You Need A New Roof ASAP!

8 Signs That You Need A New Roof ASAP! Have you worried about those shingles falling off your roof? Maybe there’s some suspicious stains on your ceiling? Or maybe you just dread the thought of another rainstorm rumbling above your home? It’s okay to not know whether your roof needs some repairs or maybe a replacement. That’s why in this article we’re going to give you 8 signs that you need a new roof, and may need to hire a georgia roofing company like ours, Advanced Construction Professionals. Let’s get started! The Age Of Your Roof When was your roof

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Will My Insurance Pay For My Roof? Answers Inside…..

Will My Insurance Pay For My Roof Repairs Or A Replacement? You more than likely have lots of questions before you ask your insurance to help with such a task. The problem though is that not everyone’s insurance is the same and not every roofing job is going to be exactly the same. However we hope to help out in some ways….. A lot of our experience includes having worked with insurance companies to tally the costs of a job and help our clients understand what costs will be absorbed under their specific plan. Travis himself has even spent a

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