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Roof Replacement And Repairs

These services may seem complicated but they don’t have to be. After an initial inspection and receiving your estimate, the solution to your roofing needs should be crystal clear. And with ACP Roofing helping you along the way, a roof replacement or repair will be hassle free. 

Inspect Storm Damage

In north georgia, we get some pretty violent wind and rain that can damage your home in ways you can't see.

Plug Roof Leaks

And some homes will have older roofs whose materials will get damaged over time due to such weather elements.

Replace Loose Shingles

So we only use the best materials like synthetic felt and 30 year shingles to protect your home and loved ones.

Fix Mistakes Left By Other Crews

Too many other contractors will try to save money by using lesser quality materials that will create problems in the future.

With 11 Years Handling Insurance Claims Plus 50 Combined Years Fixing Roofs.....We Offer The Best Solution To Customers Like You

Curious to see how our customer’s roofs last longer? Or how we help negotiate with your insurance company? Then click the “read more” button below…….

Why Choose ACP Roofing?

With over 50 years of experience, we know the best materials to use for certain houses and can perform the job quickly, often within a few days. The inspections are hassle-free and often take just 30 minutes. Travis’s work with Allstate gives him the insight needed to get your claim approved by your homeowners insurance. Plus, no job is too small for us! Many contractors just can’t offer the same value…..

What We Offer That Other Contractors Don't

Other companies just don’t have the experience or the expertise to offer a similar solution to ours. Inexperienced contractors will be unable to work with your insurance adjuster, or to give an accurate estimate during an inspection. They’ll attempt to save money on lower quality materials, and can’t work with some deductibles. These are problems you really want to avoid.  

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