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How To Hire The Right Georgia Roofing Company


Every roofer will have a different approach to performing a job on your home, and not all of them are equal in terms of quality.

Here at Advanced Construction Professionals, we take pride in using high quality materials, taking the time to make proper installs, and answering any and all questions you may have about the process of repairing or replacing your roof.

However, many of our customers had no idea how or why to choose one georgia roofing company over another. So we decided to write out several of the factors that go into hiring the right team to work on your home…….


Ask How They Perform Their Job

Now we’re not talking about you asking us or another company to give you a course in roofing. All we mean is just a simple rundown of the materials used, the experience needed, and the best methods needed to have a quality roof installed.

Throughout the rest of this article we’ll be talking about what that entails, but if you’d like a personal inspection and estimate of your roof then please click the button below….



Look At What Type Of Team They Have

A common problem in our industry is that a so called roofing company does your roof and that’s not their specialty. This leads to many mistakes and oversights during the installation that a qualified team would be able to avoid easily.

Our team that we use here at Advanced Construction Professionals has strict guidelines for installing shingles, inspecting your roof, and using the right amount of nails or other material to properly install the materials. We often only need about two days to tear down your roof and install a new one.

Plus, all of our workers have workers compensation ins

Inquire About Their Experience

Our experience will cover nearly every type of roofing need you may have from asphalt shingles to tile to metal. We’ll decide what types of membrane sealing and felt materials to use to keep moisture out that can damage the inside of your home, and we’ll also make sure to use the correct amount of nails where necessary so that nothing deteriorates before its time.

Travis and Joe Hubbard have been working on roofing and construction jobs for a combined 50 years of experience. It’s not likely that they haven’t seen the kind of problem you’re currently dealing with right at this moment!

See What Types Of Material They Use

Every home will differ according to what types of shingles or sealing materials it may need to remedy your problems. However, like everything else, some materials are better than others. Also though, we want to help you choose what you think is best for your home. The best way to find this out is to reserve a free roofing estimate by clicking the button below…..

What Kind Of Offers Do They Have

Advanced Construction Professionals does offer discounts from time to time, which can include up to 10% off a full roof replacement. After we do a roofing estimate, we’ll see whether a replacement is what you need. This will help out tremendously when you consider the quality of our advice, our materials, and our team along with this discount!


How Do They Help You Handle Insurance Claims

Although we are not insurance adjusters, we do have plenty of experience helping our customers figure out what their homeowners insurance will pay for. Your deductible, the kind of damages involved, and of course the overall price of the job will be big factors in this process. However we recommend that you consult your insurance at the same time as you consult as if you’re considering a roof replacement or repairs. “Storm chasing” is not something we do or encourage and we want to be upfront and honest when it comes time to hire a roofing company.

We hope this article helped you get a better idea of what type of georgia roofing company to look for, and we hope that you feel better about asking for a free roofing estimate! We can answer any kinds of questions you have and help you figure out the total cost of the entire job. There will be no pressure involved to buy anything!

About ACP Roofing

Advanced Construction Professionals LLC is a father and son operation led by Travis and Joe Hubbard. Together they’ve been working on roofs and other construction projects for a combined 50 years of experience. Contact us for a free roofing estimate!

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