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What Most Water Mitigation Companies In GA Won’t Tell You

If you’ve got water damage, you’ll need to fix it quick and many water mitigation companies know that too. They’re betting that you’ll avoid learning about your situation and making the best deal because the clock is ticking. 

So we encourage you to learn about the various types of water damage, and the best ways to handle them in this short article. You’ll learn how water damage can become very complicated to fix, as well as the process to inspect and prepare for the cleanup. 

This info can literally mean the difference between a few thousand dollars of work so please read the entire article, and contact us after you’re done……..

The Differences Between Water Damage And Flood Damage

Not all types of water damage will be treated the same. If you have flooding outside your house, this will be treated differently from flooding that happens inside. 

It’s very crucial to understand this because your insurance only covers certain types, depending on the policy. 

Many companies will rush you to sign a contract without properly explaining what will be covered and what will not be covered. 

Ask your contractor about this issue! 

Mold Damage Can Set In Very Quickly And Complicate Your Insurance Claim

Not only will a lot of your furniture, clothes, and other possessions get damaged but mold can further damage the interior of your home. This can happen in just a few days…….

Mold removal is a completely separate service from water damage mitigation, and thus, again, your insurance will treat it differently. 

At the worst, it can cause health issues in your household!

The Work And Cleanup Must Start As Quickly As Possible

So, to prevent water damage from further destroying your home, a lot of work must be done to reverse the damage. 

Dehumidifiers must be brought in to properly dry the remaining water. 

Carpet, drywall, flooring, siding, etc. may need to be removed before mold can set in. 

And all the damaged materials must be properly disposed of as well. 

ACP roofing’s water mitigation can perform this work quickly. Even as quick as right after a contract is signed and we’ve explained the water damage and work that will be involved.

What To Do Before You Get An Estimate

If you’re looking for advice on what to do right now, until a professional team can come in, here’s what you need to do……

Remove any and all items you want to save from the water damage and keep them in a dry place. This may be uncomfortable but, as you know, many items can be hard to replace later. 

Don’t use a vacuum cleaner! Only use towels and any other rags you’d normally use for cleaning up wet areas. 

Lastly, your AC can be a major help for drying your home in the short term. However avoid using your AC, if possible, if a leak from the unit is the possible cause of the water damage. 

All of these tasks will not remove the damage entirely, and we highly recommend you take a moment to contact ACP Roofing for an estimate. 

We offer financing, and can provide expert negotiation with your insurance company to get the funds necessary to perform your water damage mitigation job. 

Click the button below to go to the contact page, and request an inspection from a member of our team.

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