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You Should Get Several Roof Estimates For These Reasons

Most contractors websites, like ours, will encourage you to call them for a roofing estimate. This is the most logical first step because each roofing job is at least a little bit different. That means each roof will have different labor and material costs. 

However many roofing contractors work differently. Some swear by specific materials and others do not. 

And as we’ve talked about in other articles on this site, many contractors may not have the experience necessary to give an accurate estimate. This might be because they don’t know how to charge for the labor involved and what materials you may need. 

This is bad for obvious reasons, and why we suggest you take the following steps…….

Call At Least 3 Roofing Contractors

Like we said before, most roofing contractors will be somewhat different. That’s why you’ll get different prices and why you need to contact several to get a price you can afford. 

Get your homeowner’s insurance info ready, prepare to tell them the story about your roof, and also ask if they have financing. 

It’s also a good idea to see if they have experience successfully negotiating with insurance companies.

Compare Their Estimates And Understand The Costs Involved

Here’s an example of a roofing estimate…….


You’ll see charges for the labor, the materials, and the disposal (although that isn’t in the estimate above). 

It’s important that you understand all of these costs when choosing which contractor to go with, and to understand how your insurance’s deductible and policy will affect the costs to you. 

What you want to make sure is that your estimate covers all the materials you’ll need and the labor involved. You don’t want any surprises later!

Research What The Costs Of Material And Labor Will Be

A great site to check out to see what your roofing job should cost is roofcalc.com. 

Take your estimate, and input the dimensions and amount of materials shown on your estimate. See if it matches up closely! 

You’re not expected to be an expert on this topic, and that’s why you call a contractor. However you do need to be sure your contractor is on your side. 

If they try to talk you down on labor costs or materials you think you need, then it may be a good idea to look elsewhere……

We Want To Hear About Your Roofing Problems & Issues

When you’re calling roofing or water damage contractors, we hope you’ll consider calling us. 

All you need to do is click the big button below, and we’ll give you, what we feel, is one of the most accurate estimates you’ll get. 

Travis Hubbard, our owner, has 11 years of experience as an insurance adjuster, and has been in the roofing business for most of his life. He’s one of the best to consult over labor and material costs, and he’ll be a great person to have in your corner to negotiate with your insurance. 

Construction companies are notorious for being difficult to get ahold of. We want you to know that we’ll be available when you call or email, and that our roofing inspections take very little time. 

You can have your estimate very soon after you contact us, and send it to your insurance company right after we’re done.

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